#18 Black Panther 2018

Black Panther 2018

The eighteenth film in the Marvel movie order.

We are re-introduced to Black Panther in his first standalone movie, following Civil War.

Combining his vision of futurology and make-believe, movie director Ryan Coogler attracted new life into the Marvel franchise that this year. Featuring Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther, this picture brought us to the origin of Wakanda, a hidden African nation using hyper-futuristic tech and also a rich cultural back story. Much of the dialogue around Dark Panther concentrates on its own effect for a blockbuster using a mostly afro-american cast. The general pandering to black audiences forced Hollywood elites to recognize this film at the Academy Awards and nominate it for picture of the year (in order to virtue signal how progressive they are). The movie is a breathe of fresh air for the MCU, it is filled with witty dialog and helps us feel attached to its quirky characters.

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