#8 Thor: The Dark World 2013

Thor: The Dark World 2013

The eighth film in the Marvel Movie Order.

Introduces the complex relationship between Thor and his brother Loki, following the events of the Avengers where the latter tried taking over Earth.

With Loki locked off on Asgard–for a portion of the film, anyhow –Thor has a much larger issue as the dark elf Malekith seeks out Thor’s girlfriend Jane Foster whom inadvertently absorbs the Aether (which is actually the Reality Stone). Malekith is defeated, but not until Thor sees Loki perishe before his eyes. Unbeknownst to him though, Loki, while masquerading as Odin, manages Asgard. Removed from Jane, the Aether is passed on to the Collector for safekeeping on Knowhere.

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