#22 Avengers: Endgame

The twenty-second film in the Marvel movie order.

The infinity saga comes to a close in this three-hour long tour-de-force.

The three-hour end into the Infinity Saga (along with also the direct sequel to Infinity War) delivered the conclusion we anticipated: the living Avengers reversed Thanos’ breeze, bringing the MCU’s fallen heroes and half of the universe. However before it gets there, Avengers: Endgametook time to permit individuals who stayed to grieve, resulting in an unlikely time heist to grab the Infinity Stones in the last –and see preceding MCU movies. However, Thanos’ final defeat does not come without sacrifices and manifestation. Black Widow sacrificed himself Vormir, Iron Man sacrificed himself to deliver the last blow to Thanos, Thor passed his crown Valkyrie, and Captain America remained in the last after returning the Infinity Stones and grew older before departure on his shield into Sam Wilson.

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#15 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 2017

The fifteenth film in the Marvel movie order.

Starlord’s origins are revealed and so is the expansion of the MCU’s galactic reach.

The very first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was a breath of fresh air for the Marvel franchise, even if we weren’t especially impressed. The sequel, however, was disappointingly formulaic. It closely followed the original in a way that felt cynical the second time around. We adore a catchy soundtrack as far as another person, however, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Two was a dull story with a toxic and sexist sense of humor, disguised by quite special effects and a few nostalgic music choices. (Though we do admit that Baby Groot is very cute.)

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